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Outside or Inside Beauty

Outside Beauty or Inside Beauty

I would like to begin by saying, we are all beautiful in our own unique way.  We are all different.

What makes someone beautiful?  This can be a controversial subject.  Some might say it is all about the outer physical characteristics, while others might say it is about the inner beauty that shines outward.  It is truly an individual’s opinion.  I believe it is about a good balance of the two as inner and outer beauty compliment each other!

We must find a balance for beauty.  Beauty toggles on both the inside and outside.  We can celebrate our inner beauty by being kind, gentle, and understanding; having compassion for others and showing gratitude.  We can feel proud and confident with our outer beauty. Outer beauty can be a result of pure genetics or can be influenced through taking care of ourselves by refreshing and maintaining simple or more complex enhancements, plastic surgery, or by applying make up.

What’s important is that we love ourselves first.  Inner beauty is the foundational structure for our outside beauty.  Without it, outer beauty will implode.  Inner beauty starts in our soul.  When your inner self feels proud of who you are, this will reflect on the outside.  Our inside beauty and our character can be complimented with outside beauty enhancements.

Our eyebrows are part of our external beauty.  They come in all shapes – full or sparse, thick or thin, and all shades, etc.  I believe that our eyebrows frame the windows to our soul (our inside beauty)… no matter what they look like.  Eyebrows express our feelings without words being spoken.  Without eyebrows it would be hard to know how a person is feeling inside their soul.

That is why I feel Microblading can enhance outward and inward beauty.  Having beautiful brows can certainly build confidence, and your brows can truly reflect your soul!!!

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